AI and Big Data

Scala Collections

In scala there are many fancy collections with great utilities. Here are some key notes for scala collections which did a great help to me.

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Eight Queens Problem in Scala

I have dedicated in Programming in Scala for about 4 months. My work is busy, but I can’t give up reading more books.
Scala is a fabulous language, both object oriented and functional.
Eight qeens problem can be expressed in scala easily and concise.

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Machine Learning Neural Networks

This week is about the mysterious Neural Networks. The courses in this week just explain the basics about Neural Networks.

What is Neural Networks

It’s a technique to train our data based on how human brains works. A simple Neural Network has:

  • input layer
  • hidden layer
  • output layer

We use Neural NetWorks to make classification and regression.
We use sigmoid function the map data from input layer to hidden layer then the output layer, the function is called activation function.

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Machine Learning Linear Regression

I have been learning the coursera Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng for two weeks now. Machine Learning is fun and different. For the coursera assignment1 of linear regression, I want to share something.

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Programming in Scala Overview Key Note

过去半年里,都在忙着spark相关的项目,主要的编程语言是scala,前些年主要用的是c++,刚转到scala上时,有点不适应函数式编程语言的思想,现在已经半年多过去了,觉得scala真的是awesome,简洁有力的表达,整合了functional programming和object programming,并且设计良好。
去年上了Martin Odersky的编程课Functional Programming In Scala, 觉得挺感兴趣,学习了很多,想在scala语言上看得更多,更深入些,我选择了Scala的权威著作Programming In Scala, 虽然这书有快900页,但我想挑战下,与其每天泡在各种新闻资讯里,还不如看看书泡在书里。每天都看看书,觉得挺好,有些笔记和心得就写在博客里,毕竟工作忙,写博客的时间很少,但我想还是应该多总结和留下写想法。之后阅读Spark的源码,我也会坚持写下些东西,看过了和写下来总还是不一样嘛。

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